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Google to introduce “Ad-free” subscription service

Post by: Singingmute | Date: 22-10-15

As a video creator myself, it will be interesting to see how this service develops facing completion from sites such as Patreon. It’s an understandable development though considering the large dent popular Ad-Block add-ons have inflicted on revenue streams.


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For years, YouTube’s fans have been telling us they want more—more choice when watching their favorite content, more ways to support their favorite creators and, above all, the option to watch their favorite videos uninterrupted.

On October 28, we’re giving fans exactly what they want. Introducing YouTube Red — a new membership designed to provide you with the ultimate YouTube experience.

YouTube Red lets you enjoy videos across all of YouTube without ads, while also letting you save videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet and play videos in the background, all for $9.99 a month. Your membership extends across devices and anywhere you sign into YouTube, including our recently launched Gaming app and a brand new YouTube Music app we’re announcing today that will be available soon.


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